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Part 2 – Brand reputation

To read Part 1 Brand reputation management is a two-part process with the first part being how the brand handles itself to its customers and the second part being how it handles social media backlash or reputation crisis. Both of these are critical to maintaining a healthy brand image. Thus, it is essential to keep... Continue Reading →

Part 1 – Brand Reputation

What is Brand Reputation? Brand reputation is the knowledge, or feedback others have about the brand. The brand can be both individual or company. A startup has little or no brand recognition as they are new-born without much public knowledge, while an MNC with global operations has a more prominent brand reputation. Broadly, there are... Continue Reading →

Isolation Forest

Anomaly / Outliers: in Data Science data patterns that have different characteristics from normal data are called anomalies. By detecting anomalies, it provides critical and actionable information in various application domains such as eCommerce, retail , banking etc. Isolation forest algorithm: Isolation forest is the newest techniques to detect anomalies. The is based on various... Continue Reading →

Measuring customer profitability (Part 2)

Check out Part I of this article Ways to quantify It is now established that customer profitability (CP) enables us to understand high yielding customers from a pool of consumers. However, to measure customer profitability, there are several ways to quantify the same. In simple words, CP can be calculated as the difference between revenue... Continue Reading →

5 different aspects of calculate Customer profitability ( Part1 )

Market position The relationship between a company and its customer is affected by numerous factors. Competition, industrial growth, and even company’s offerings have an impact on customers. In order to fully comprehend the company’s position in the market, brands often conduct a thorough analysis for customers. From understanding brand reputation among customers to assessing customer... Continue Reading →

Channel profitability

Difficulties in withstanding the competition The rise of newer technology has made the sale of goods available across a plethora of modes. Sellers are not restricted by traditional selling platforms to make sales; online selling has grown tremendously over the last few years. With many players testing the scope of online selling, ability to withstand... Continue Reading →

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